Beyond the Call of Duty: Matching Vets to Manufacturing

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This article discusses the non-profit organization “Workshops for Warriors”. This organization, founded by Hernán Luis y Prado, trains and certifies veterans for high-skilled jobs, particularly in manufacturing. Using his own knowledge and skills, Hernán began teaching veterans basic skills in his garage. While he originally intended this as a decompression exercise, Hernán began to notice that veterans, while praised as heroes, were finding it increasingly difficult to obtain good jobs after returning home. “Workshops for Warriors” began as informal training, but Hernán soon decided to formalize the training in order provide the much-needed certifications for the so-called “graduates” of his program.

The organization has achieved remarkable success in a short time period, and the demand of students has exceeded the supply of teachers. Both the state and federal government has showed some interest in the program, and it has recently been approved for federal funding. The article concluded with an appeal for the reader to visit the “Workshops for Warriors” website and support their efforts.

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Above and Beyond the Call of Duty: Program Matches Veterans to Manufacturing Careers

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