Carrier Indiana MFG Plant to Close

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They Got Taxpayer Money to Stay in Indiana. Now They’re Leaving:
Once located in Indiana, the companies Carrier Corporation and United Technologies Electronic Control, both part of the larger United Technologies Corp., have announced their intention to move their factories to Mexico. Leaving thousands without jobs, the people of Indiana are outraged by this sudden decision. But what makes the situation more brutal is the fact that these companies previously received over half a million dollars in state incentives to locate their factories in Indiana. However, the people of Indiana may have a found a way to be heard.

Fueled by this outrage, a petition has been created to gather a chorus of voices to speak out against the actions of these companies. Furthermore, this petition is tuned toward the goal of assuring that both companies return all of the tax-based incentives they original received.

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They Got Taxpayer Money to Stay in Indiana. Now They’re Leaving for Mexico.

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