Volkswagen Memos Suggest Company Misled Regulators

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Volkswagen has fallen under fire as recently released internal memos show that the company engaged in a campaign to delay and mislead American regulatory bodies regarding nitrogen oxide emissions by its diesel powered vehicles. These documents appear to show that then-CEO Martin Winterkorn had been warned by colleagues as much as a year before public admission that US regulators would notice that the cars contained what is known as a defeat device.

These devices recognize when a car is being tested and active anti-pollution equipment then only. Volkswagen is currently facing a civil suit filed against them by the Department of Justice, alleging that this cheating has been going on since 2005. Due to their apparent inability to find a technical solution to meet US limits on nitrogen oxide, the company may be forced to recall its cars, pursuant to an order by the EPA.

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Volkswagen Memos Suggest Company Misled U.S. Regulators

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